Centenary Landing

Invitation to celebrate centenary flight

Fly the Route

It’s almost 100 years since Lieutenant Francis Briggs, Francis Birtles and a Mr Bailey,t ook off in a De Havilland-4 from Port Melbourne aerodrome and landed 10 days later on some cleared land in Alice Springs. It was 1921. You can read an edited version of Brigg’s diary notes on this website.

The intrepid team flew out of Port Melbourne aerodrome, flying to Alice Springs via Adelaide, Maree, Oodnadatta, Charlotte Waters Telegraph Station, arriving in Alice Springs on 5 October. It was a momentous day for Alice Springs and the Centre of Australia. The Central Australian Aviation Museum is hosting celebration events and invites you to participate by flying the route as shown below. Or, fly a direct route… just be sure arrive in time to join in the fun.

Centenary Celebration Events

October 2 - 5, 2021
  • Anytime: Fly the Route
  • Saturday 2: Pre-dinner drinks at Araluen Homestead followed by a Dinner
  • Sunday 3: Aviation classic movies mini-festival
  • Monday 4: Visit aviation related facilities; Happy Hour
  • Tuesday 5: 1stLanding re-enactment & community dinner

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