Beech 18 (D18S)

Manufactured in 1946, this Beech 18 was used by Connellan Airways from 1960 to 1966. The aircraft was acquired from Trans Island Airways in New Zealand, who had in turn acquired it from the U.S.A. Three Beech 18’s were used by Connellan Airways in the 1960’s until replaced by the Beech Twins of the 1970’s.

After being withdrawn form use in 1966, the aircraft lay in Alice Springs until moved to Mildura for display by the Warbirds Museum. In 1984 it was acquired by the Museum through funds provided by the NT Museum and Arts Galleries Board, and road freight back to Alice Springs for restoration and display.

Technical Details

Engine: 2 x 450HP Pratt and Whitney 9 cylinder Radial

Wingspan: 14.5m / 47’7”

Length: 10.4m / 34’

Performance: Cruising Speed 340km/h / 211mi/h

Capacity: Pilot and 8 passengers