Douglas DC-3

The original DC-3 VH-EWE (c/n 6007) was a former USAF and RAAF Douglas C-47A. Later converted to cilivian DC-3 in Essendon Airport, Melbourne, and registered to Australian National Airlines Commission. Purchased by Connair from East-West Airlines in 1973, VH-EWE was also operated by Guinea Airways, Trans Australia Airlines, General Cargo Australia.

VH-EWE is commemorated as it was the first aircraft to depart from Darwin Airport, after devastating Cyclone Tracy hit the capital city of the NT in Christmas 1974, with 25 evacuees on board.

This particular DC-3 (c/n 13084) manufactured in 1942, was also serviced in USAF and RAAF as a Douglas C-47A, later operated as a civilian DC-3 by Trans Australia Airlines, Qantas and General Cargo Australia. After its withdrawal from service, it was restored and repainted into Connair livery to depict and commemorate the iconic achievement of the original VH-EWE.

Qantas kindly donated some economy seats from a retired Boeing 747 to fit inside the aircraft, and becomes a theater showcasing the historic BBC documentary ‘Connellan’s Camels’.

Technical Details

Engine: 2 x 1250HP Pratt and Whitney R1830-92 Twin Wasp 14 Cylinder radial

Wingspan: 29m / 92’2”

Length: 19.7m / 64’8”

Performance: Cruising Speed 333km/h / 207mi/h

Capacity: 2 Crew and 21-32 passengers