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The Museum is a celebration of the spirit, effort, and courage of the people who founded avionics in the centre of Australia.

There are books, DVD’s, aircraft models, and a huge range of souvenirs available. Please contact our friendly staff members for more information,

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Flying Doctor

Clyde Cornwall Fenton practised medicine in the Northern Territory for six years before the outbreak of the WWII. As a government medical officer, his practice extended over thousands of square miles of outback country. There was only one way to carry out his duties to his patients in such a vast and desolate area - by air plane.

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Out of Control in the Centre - eBook in PDF format

This is a brief narrative of pilot J P Kellow's early flying days, followed by a detailed account of his association with EJ (Eddie) Connellan from the time they first met in early 1936.

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Connellan's Camels - DVD-Video

Produced by BBC Television, it is an iconic film about how aeroplanes, especially from Connellan Airways, replaced camel trains as a means of transporting mail, supplies, and passengers in the Northern Territory. This video is also showing in our theatrette modified Connair DC-3.

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Outback Airline

Connellan Airways has a special place in the aviation history of Australia. There have been few regular passenger airlines in Australia, there is none to compare with Connellan Airways and its immense contribution to the history of the Northern Territory and Outback Australia. This book is a brief account of that remarkable airline.

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Failure of Triumph

Failure of Triumph is a story with several main themes. As the subtitle suggests it is EJ Connellan's story of the airline that he founded and it provides a unique perspective on 50 years of Australian aviation. But it is far more than that. It also provides an insight into 50 years of the Northern Territoty history. As the principal of the Territory's airline, a Central Australian pastoralist and businessman, EJ Connellan was associated with many of the key people and developments in the Territory's later history.